Who would win in a fight, Derek Hale or Khal Drogo? 


This scene/comment makes me laugh…every single time.

Loki, fresh outta prison and still not giving a single solitary fuck.


Made my first texture pack a while ago, made with my own photos and scans. I decided to upload and share, because I’d found them useful, politely asking people to like or reblog if they downloaded them. Nothing major, it takes 1 sec to like something.

96 notes vs 256 downloads on mediafire. That’s just rude.

Especially as you consider some kind people had both liked and reblogged, making the number of people actually acknowledging my efforts even lower.


graphic from over one year ago is suddenly getting notes again…I believe the tardis must be involved…


If It Fits, I Sits [via]

Previously: Cats Stuck in Things

rest in peace aiden.



The real reason it took the Alpha Pack took 3 months to act was because Deucalion needed a thunderstorm for his speech and he had to wait for one to be forecast

Kali had to check google weather every hour, it was very stressful for everyone

Ethan did a rain dance